"All for Mom" 2020

Celebrating all things for the women in our lives.
For two weeks we had our customers nominate a woman in their life who has made an impact on them. We were overwhelmed by all the amazing women out there and all the nominations we received. It was incredible! It helped us at Journey Five realize all the good that's happening around us every day. We have great examples of women who support and guide with their strength and beauty every day. 
We've selected four women to showcase for 2020, here on our blog and through our social media outlets. See each of their stories below!


Rebecca Hirschi
Rebecca was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer a few years ago. Regardless of this devastating diagnosis Rebecca continues to be hopeful and live her life to the fullest. She has five children and uses her story to inspire others. She is an example to many and brings hope to many others experiencing cancer with her.
- Baylee Pearce

Tammie Aust
Tammie Aust is an amazing foster mom in adoptee mom. Not only has she adopted three children out of foster care on top of raising her 2 biological sons, but she also was recently a foster mom to a teenage mother and her toddler. Tammie is a special-needs junior high teacher, plays guitar and sings on the worship team for her church, and spends countless hours pouring into her community. She is also an amazing friend and is always there for the people in her life when they need her.
- Casey Gilboy

Nada Anderson
This is my sweet grandma. She lost her husband, the love of her life, at a younger age than we all wanted from a liver disease this last year. Being quarantined while being alone is not easy as well and she continues to send her grandkids and great grandkids little gift and words of encouragement! I know she is very lonely but she never shows it and always tries to serve and be a mother to all of us.
Kallie Ryan

Christie Moak
My mom is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. She has no enemies and is kind to everyone she meets. She always looks for ways to serve others and never is selfish. My dad has started up two different businesses and she has been there through all of it. She works as much as she can. She used to have two jobs. She would go to a construction company every weekday morning and the she would go to our restaurants to help too. On top of that she is always helping my siblings with homework and cleaning the house. She makes dinner for us on nights she has off too. I think that my mom deserves the whole world, but getting shop credit to get something for herself is good too!
Hallee Moak


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