Bingo Bash Girls Night!

We love any excuse to hang out with friends and this event will be so much fun. On Thursday March 5 at 7pm come join us for our Bingo Bash Event. We are doing Bingo, we have yummy treats, and the most amazing prizes that we are super excited about. Afterwards, enjoy super exclusive discounts in our Layton store and a night of shopping. We are so excited for this. Each Bingo Card Cost $10 
Tell your Friends, bring your neighbors and lets have a party!!
Here is the Link to Join 



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[i][b]Bingo Bash Girls Night! – Journey Five[/b][/i]
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Bash Girls Night! – Journey Five[/b][/i]


Bash Girls Night! – Journey Five[/b][/i]

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Bash Girls Night! – Journey Five[/b][/i]

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Bash Girls Night! – Journey Five[/b][/i]

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