Caitlin's Journey

Here is Caitlin's "Your Journey"
When I first began blogging 6 years ago while in Graduate School I did it to enjoy my creative side. I've been a writer from the second I could hold a pencil. I'd write in middle school and actually came in 2nd place for a Young Author's Award ( proud moment for this little author ). I would fill notebooks of stories, characters I loved and connected with. I'd have my Mom re-read some of my stories too which was always exciting to see her reaction and hear her thoughts on what I should change or keep. It's been therapy to me. When we moved across country last year, I was still writing in this blog ( under Fierce, Fabulous and Fit ) but decided to get more serious about it. Blogging wasn't at all like it was when I first started which was mostly writing down my thoughts and what was happening in our life ( I was engaged and planning a wedding too! ) so it was great to connect with other woman across the world who were in the same boat as me. Fast forward a few years to getting married, becoming pregnant after 8 months of marriage, moving into our first home, having our daughter and then moving to the South; it's been a heck of a time and I've loved every minute of it.
Blogging has a way to keep me grounded. I'm a work-a-holic. I'm rarely sitting still and if I am, I'm multi-tasking. No longer can I sit and watch a show or movie with my husband because I'm constantly working, thinking of new plans, researching play groups to join or collaborating with a brand. I used to worse. In college I worked 5 part time jobs along with going to school full time. My roommates probably thought I was crazy and I certainly took a huge toll on my relationship with Zach while we were dating. It's been rewarding. I remember when I first got my first blogging campaign. An actual paid sponsor wanted me to write something and although it seems like pennies now, I felt so special being a picked blogger to write about this product. Blogging can take you places you never thought possible. It can bring you to meet people you never thought were exactly like you, but are! It can help your income, it can help your emotional state and it can help you become a better version of yourself. You've got a voice so use it! Blogging has a way of bring people together. I used to not tell people I blogged. I hated being associated with a 'blogger' because it was 'uncool' or no one really got it except other bloggers. 6 years ago it was more of an online diary and although I still write personal posts and why its important to share those with your reader,s I also realize it's so much bigger then I ever thought. It's a way to bring us all together- sharing similar stories, experiences, ideas and cultures from all around the world. You're connecting with strangers that all seem to be your best friends. Of course there are those mean/rude comments you'll get from time to time but shake 'em off! Everyone has a bigger fight to lea so don't worry about it or seek advice from other blogging buddies/friends. For me, I think my journey has lead me exactly where I need to be. At a mere few days old of being 30 now, I realize my 20's was just a big test to get me where I need to go. I feel so blessed to be able to share my thoughts, ideas and inspirations with you all every day right here on my blog. I'm so humbled you all think me as a friend because I feel the same about you! I also feel encouraged, motivated and determined to keep reaching out to all of you, sharing YOUR stories and making sure we all feel connected, loved and mattered. I hope you keep following me on this journey because big things are happening soon and I want you to be apart of it! Thanks to JourneyFive for allowing me to contribute my thoughts and opinions of my own journey and what makes me unique.

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