Everyday Ellis Journey

Hey! My name is Karli and I’m the blogger behind the blog Everyday Ellis (formerly Teach Shop Love). A little less than a year ago I started my Instagram account to share with other teachers different outfits they could wear to work that are professional and cute, but also work for the classroom. After a couple months it began to grow more than I ever thought possible and I was able to post more than just teacher outfits. Earlier this month I was able to rebrand and that was when Everyday Ellis was born. This will still have the same fun modest outfits and newlywed adventures and I can’t wait to see where else it grows. I would’ve had no idea a year ago that this journey would have taken me where it did. I feel so grateful! When I’m not blogging I’m teaching kindergarten or hanging out with my hubby or little pup. I love fashion, playing soccer, and searching for the best oreo shake (mmmm yummy!). I can’t wait to see where the rest of my journey takes me and feel so honored that @journeyfive wanted to share my journey. http://www.everyday-ellis.com

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