“Friday Were in Love” Camille’s Journey

http://www.fridaywereinlove.com I had every reason to be a cynic and not believe in love and marriage, with a crazy back story and an abusive past I just wasn't convinced love could last and marriages could stay strong. That's about the time the sweetest, most compassionate rocket scientist with the cutest smile showed up in my life and decided it was time to convince me there are amazing men in the world! He didn't stop there, he did his best to convince me there are amazing marriages, and after a year of dating, maybe we should tie the knot ourselves. Still hesitant even with Mr. Practically Perfect, he set out a plan to convince me we could always have romance, we could always be in love, and we could be happily together forever. This included an agreement to take me on one date a week no matter what! We decided the only way we'd stay accountable to our plan was to start a blog just to share our creative ideas and journal our experience, which is how www.fridaywereinlove.com (@fridaywereinlove) was born! And you know what, I can honestly say six years of marriage later this dating business actually works! After a few years and a surprising amount of interest, I opened up and wrote my first post about going through an abusive divorce, which made me believe in the power of blogging and connecting to others even more. People kept asking for more personal details of our lives, and a few more lifestyle posts trickled in. When I opened up about struggling with infertility one mother’s day, we once again couldn't believe the outpouring of love and support. The day I announced our infertility miracle pregnancy was one of the happiest days of my life! I’ve never received so many emails, comments, text messages, DMs, etc. telling me people were cheering out loud and crying as they read the news. It was just a natural thing to start sharing pregnancy and motherhood. I’ve come full-circle now blogging as my part-time job, and staying home with my miracle baby the rest of the time. I’ve been so lucky and so blessed to do it, and feel so honored that we get to share something that inspires couples to invest in their marriages, and shares the joys of parenthood and a happy life after so many years of struggle and pain. Content now includes our travels around the world, parenting, recipes, healthy and fitness, home projects, but at the heart of it all is still our project to go on at least one date a week and share it!

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