Grab Bag
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Grab Bag


Our GRAB BAGS are back!! Each bag will have THREE RANDOM items in it (sort of like a little surprise to yourself) and you can order as many bags as you'd like.

Things to keep in mind when buying:

  • Our items range in fit - some are oversized, some fit more snug even if they are tagged the same size.
  • There may be duplicate items sent if you order multiple bags.
  • Because of the amazing deal price, all sales are FINAL. Items in the bag can't be returned, exchanged or switched out for any reason.
  • Grab bags do not include our newest posting items but items will be in season.

Size Estimates:

  • Small (ranging about 0-4)
  • Medium (ranging about 5-8)
  • Large (ranging about 9-12)
  • XL (ranging about 13-14)



**Please read description thoroughly for details before purchasing**

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